23 Nov 2014

Open Arts Café, November 27th, ‘Not from here’

‘Not From Here’. As an expat living in London, born in America to immigrant parents (and November 27th falls on the date of American Thanksgiving) I thought this was a very appropriate subject to pursue. And I’m very happy with the resulting submissions I’ve had for the theme! To begin with, Joseph Finlay (composer) and [...]

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20 Mar 2014

March 27th, Seafaring

March 27th, ‘Seafaring’ Open Arts Café turns 50! Well, not quite, but March 27th will be the 50th Open Arts Café show that has ever been, and I feel very proud of this accomplishment! When I started OAC in 2008 with Tyne Rafaeli, we didn’t think we’d make more than 3 of them. The third [...]

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16 Jan 2014

‘Laugh or Cry’, January 23rd

Open Art Café, January 23rd ‘Laugh or Cry’   January seems to be a melancholic month, despite the optimism of a New Year with all its potential. Therefore this month’s theme, ‘Laugh or Cry’ hopes to reflect the choice we have whether to feel blue or feel new (yes, this rhymes and is slightly awful, [...]

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1 Jan 2014

Winter Season at Open Arts Café

A Happy New Year to You! This is just a quick word to announce the Winter Season…for audience members and artists alike. Open Arts Café is now open for submissions for the Winter Season 2014 Save the dates January 23rd ‘Laugh or Cry’   February 27th ‘I Gave My Love A Cherry’   March 27th [...]

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20 Nov 2013

November 28th, ‘Secrets, Enigmas and Puzzles’

November 28th, ‘Secrets, Enigmas and Puzzles’ Before I tell you all about what to expect for the upcoming Open Arts Café, I wanted to briefly say how very well October’s ‘Darkness Falls’ went. If you’re curious, you can read all about it in a REVIEW that someone wrote! A stranger! No coercion involved, just a [...]

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19 Sep 2013

Updates on the Autumn Season

The next Open Arts Café Autumn season begins on October 24th with ‘Darkness Falls’ followed by November 28th ‘Secrets, Enigmas and Puzzles’. I am still looking for music, theatre, puppetry, acrobatics, dance, poetry, film…etc etc Although I should say, it appears that  my visual arts slots are all booked up for the season. If you [...]

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1 Mar 2013

Love Machine at the Open Arts Café

Hope everyone’s February has been grand. I have been so busy that I failed in my New Year’s resolution of tweeting everyday and writing this blog two weeks ahead of Open Arts Café.  Is that better or worse than falling back on the wagon or regaining diet weight?  At least I am in good company!   I [...]

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23 Jan 2012

The Ice Age comes to the Open Arts Café in January!

Firstly, a happy new year from Open Arts Café! The last OAC being the planetary success that it was, December was a month off well earned.  Once again, I’ve been very busy and managed to neglect writing this blog! So, a few important notices: Winter Season of Open Arts Café: January 26th ‘Ice Age’ February [...]

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