19 Nov 2015

November 26th, Random Acts

Open Arts Café, November 26th  ‘Random Acts’   On the fourth Thursday of November every year since 2009,  I have missed Thanksgiving Dinner. Instead, I have celebrated with my Open Arts Café family by making a great night of performances and art. Cheese and crackers may not be roast turkey and sweet potatos, but it’s [...]

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20 Oct 2015

‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’ October 29th

Open Arts Café, ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’, October 29th   Autumn is a season of transition: the leaves turn and then fall, the days get shorter, the clocks go back…and then it’s Halloween, hurray!   I chose the theme of ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’ because not only are werewolves a scary prospect  but so is the thought [...]

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8 Oct 2015

Open Arts Café’s Autumn Season 2015

Save the Dates for Open Arts Café’s Autumn Season October 29th ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’ November 26th ‘Random Acts’   I was overwhelmed with submissions for the Autumn Season of Open Arts Café – I received over 100 and am still reading through them. Getting so many emails from all sorts of artists reminds me why [...]

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19 Jul 2015

Open Arts Café, July 23rd, ‘Summer Social’

Open Arts Café, July 23rd, ‘Summer Social’ Summer is really here, and it’s glorious! In fact, people have been having such a good time of it, they’ve all left the city. Never-you-mind, those of us who are here in London will have a fabulous time at this Open Arts Café, ‘Summer Social’. Here’s what to [...]

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21 Jun 2015

June 25th ‘Natural History’

Open Arts Café, June 25th, ‘Natural History’   June 25th, ‘Natural History’ will be Open Arts Café’s Diamond Jubilee – our 60th show! Natural History is a subject dear to me – if anyone attended March 27th, ‘WOMAN’, then you’ll know that as a child I wanted to be a vet (in order to cuddle [...]

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19 May 2015

May 28th, Fantasy and Fairytales

Open Arts Café, May 28th, ‘Fantasy and Fairytales’   I’ve been wanting to do a fantasy theme for a long time. I’ve always loved stories and films set in a fantasy world – and as an 80s kid, films like Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story and The Princess Bride have made a considerable impact in how [...]

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21 Mar 2015

Open Arts Café, March 26th, ‘WOMAN’

Open Arts Café, March 26th, ‘WOMAN’ In honour of Women’s History Month, an all-women line-up on a subject they all have strong opinions about! To start the evening we have a young poet called Rachel Long – shortlisted for young poet laureate for London 2014, she has quite a few poems on the theme and [...]

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17 Feb 2015

February 26th, Spreadsheets: Love in the Digital Age

Open Arts Café, February 26th, ‘Spreadsheets: Love in the Digital Age’   February is as good a month as any for a love theme– yes, Hallmark has ruined any actual romance but seeing as the first half of the month is devoted to it, why leave the rest of the month cold and lonely? That’s [...]

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19 Jan 2015

January 22nd, Them Bones

Open Arts Café, January 22nd, ‘Them Bones’   Winter time is truly upon us, and while that means cold noses and woolly hats, it also means cosy Open Arts Café. The theme this month is ‘Them Bones’…bodies, anatomy and all the rest of it. I chose this theme because I think bodies are neat. Not [...]

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28 Dec 2014

Winter Season 2015, Save the Dates and Call for Submissions

A Happy Channukah, Christmas and New Year to you! This is a quick word to announce the Winter Season. Are you an artist? Have any to recommend? Send them over to me! Save the Dates   January 22nd ‘Them Bones’  (anatomy, dissection, bodies, skeletons-in-closets)   February 26th ‘Spreadsheets: Love in the Digital Age’   March [...]

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