27 Feb 2017

Open Arts Café, ‘Who Run the World’, March 9th,The Grand Finale

Open Arts Café, March 9th, ‘Who Run the World’ – The Grand Finale   We have arrived at the 70th show of Open Arts Café – our Platinum Jubilee! It is the final Open Arts Café, but before we all sob our hearts out, remember that like Sleeping Beauty, it may one day be awakened [...]

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14 Jan 2017

Open Arts Café, January 26th, ‘Breaking Point’

Open Arts Café, January 26th, ‘Breaking Point’   To begin with, I have some news to share about Open Arts Café. Open Arts Café will have its last hurrah on March 9th. ‘Who Run the World’ will be a grand finale of sorts, making January 26th the penultimate show. I think ‘penultimate’ is a great [...]

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8 Nov 2016

Open Arts Café, In Actual Fact, November 24th, 2016

Open Arts Café, In Actual Fact, November 24th, 2016   The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A and for 8 years (this will be the 9th), this American has spent it with her Open Arts Café family!   This month, the artists of the family are exploring: truth & true stories, Fact [...]

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20 Sep 2016

Open Arts Café, ‘Eureka!’ September 29th, 2016

Open Arts Café, ‘Eureka!’ September 29th, 2016   Whether you are an adult or a child, September in the northern hemisphere brings a change in atmosphere. I don’t mean the weather or the shortening days (although that is probably part of it). I mean the feeling of busy-ness: the feeling of being ‘Back to School’. [...]

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17 Aug 2016

News, Save the Dates, Call for Submissions

Happy Summer to you!   Some news: From September, Open Arts Café will be running EVERY OTHER MONTH (except May and June will be back-to-back), which means there will be 6 OACs this ‘school year’. It is a new model for us – so we are asking you to mark your calendars!     Open [...]

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24 Jun 2016

Open Arts Café, June 30th, Summer Camp ‘16

Open Arts Café, June 30th, Summer Camp ‘16   There is nothing quite like going to summer camp. Since it’s a mostly North American invention, you may not know what it entails:  It’s mostly about having fun outside all day long for weeks, having a great time with friends and coming back home tanned, healthy [...]

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20 May 2016

Open Arts Café, May 26th ‘Betwixt and Between’

Open Arts Café, May 26th ‘Betwixt and Between’   Open Arts Café is back after a few months’ hiatus, and I was bowled over by the amount of submissions I received from artists who had something to say about the theme. I like the idea of liminal spaces – the in-between places, the threshold. If [...]

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21 Feb 2016

February 25th, ‘Big Spoon Little Spoon’

Open Arts Café, February 25th, ‘Big Spoon Little Spoon’   Although Valentine’s Day is already behind us, the need for a cuddle, so important for social animals like humans, should be celebrated throughout the year (especially in late February). Therefore, this month we are commemorating love and comfort at Open Arts Café.   To start [...]

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24 Jan 2016

January 28th ‘Memento’

Open Arts Café, January 28th ‘Memento’. Happy New Year! First, an announcement about the next 6 months – we’re going to be experimenting with producing 6 Open Arts Cafés per year, to give me more time to organise each one.  It will be OAC as you know it, but you’ll have to keep an eye [...]

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27 Dec 2015

Winter Season 2016 Save the Dates

Open Arts Café is now open for submissions for the Winter Season 2016 We’re nearly fully booked, but get in touch anyway if you’re an artist!     Save the dates   January 28th ‘Memento’ (memory, forgetting, nostalgia, keepsakes)   February 25th ‘Big Spoon Little Spoon’ (love, comfort)   Open Arts Café seeks diverse new [...]

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