Open Arts Café, March 9th, ‘Who Run the World’ – The Grand Finale


We have arrived at the 70th show of Open Arts Café – our Platinum Jubilee! It is the final Open Arts Café, but before we all sob our hearts out, remember that like Sleeping Beauty, it may one day be awakened (but, not by a prince like in the Disney version…I’m imagining the more feminist Maleficent version!). Speaking of feminists…I am really thrilled to have put together such a strong final show – the best of the best. Here’s what to expect:


Eleanor Buchan, who has performed both theatre work and storytelling at Open Arts Café in the past, has been collaborating with Song of the Goat performer Henry McGrath. They are working on a new piece they have entitled ‘Who Run the Wolves’ inspired by ancient celtic mythology of warrior women, using storytelling, dance, song and the harmonium. I really can’t wait to see what they have come up with!


Anna Cady is a filmmaker who works co-creatively with artists and non-artists to make short films and create installation. With Jenny Cuffe (journalist) and Em Cooper (animator) she made 30%, a short documentary about the women fighting to have 30% representation in parliament in Sierra Leone.


Lovelace is a band created by lead singer and songwriter Rebecca Whitbread. You may also know her as Open Arts Café’s bartender! She released her debut album, Lands, this summer. The first single,‘Grizzly’ received support from BBC Radio 6, Radio X, BBC Devon, Amazing Radio & many notable blogs. I am delighted to have her and the band performing again after nearly two years.


At the interval, in addition to a homemade cake, you will visit the exhibits of Kate Bellamy and Aleksandra Laika.


Aleksandra Laika last exhibited work at Open Arts Café in 2010. You have seen her work since, as the designer of many OAC posters. Decorative and rich in appearance, her work is an exploration of displacement, be it geographical, historical, spiritual or mythical. I think she’s a fantastic artist and I am so happy to have her exhibit her work at the final show.


Kate Bellamy has been an OAC favourite artist since she first exhibited, way back in 2009 or so.

Also a past OAC poster maker, her illustrations are absolutely amazing – I have even worked with her on shows I have made, that’s how much I love her stuff.  I’m beyond thrilled that she is able to exhibit in this final show.



Megan Ford had a hit show in Edinburgh 2015 called Feminasty and has been working on new stand up comedy material since. In her own words she is “angry, feminist, and political, but like, wants to have fun with it”. She is very funny and she says things we need to be listening to.


Alison Thea Skot is a comedian, writer and improviser. Her character comedy ‘Some Like It Thea Skot” had people on the floor in Edinburgh 2015, where she got 5 stars then and again in 2016. I’m so happy she can perform at the final Open Arts Café and you will be too.


As for me – I have been writing a new song and a new arrangement for my group, The Kitchen Quartet (we’re a trio, with Saraid Dodd and Sara Felmann Brummer, but don’t worry about the maths). There will also be the now world-class-OAC-traditional singalong, and it should definitely get you singing! You can look us up on our FB page – or on my website


See you there!









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