Open Arts Café, In Actual Fact, November 24th, 2016


The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in the U.S.A and for 8 years (this will be the 9th), this American has spent it with her Open Arts Café family!


This month, the artists of the family are exploring: truth & true stories, Fact vs Fiction, history in/accuracies and everything in between.

Here’s what to expect:

Paper turkey

Apple pie


Ella Frears was recommended to me by an OAC favourite poet Rachel Long. Ella is a regular performer across London, and was shortlisted for Young Poet Laureate for London in 2014 and was Poet in Residence at Knole House in Kent with the National Trust and writing agency Spread the Word 2015. Her work has appeared in a recent anthology called ‘Urban Myths and Legends’…right up my not-so-factual street. I really can’t wait to see her perform her poems.


MIRI  is a London born and bred singer-songwriter. She has been described by the filmmaker Anthony Haden West as “The love child of Sting and Edith Piaf”, blending heart and grit, distilled through a smooth, melodic pop filter. She’s performed all over the place, and has been featured on BBC Radio London. I think we’re in for a treat!


Jeremie Magar is a French born filmmaker and artist. He recently completed a Masters at Central Saint Martin’s. He will be sharing a version of his short documentary ‘Monuments’. The film is about The Broadwater Farm Estate, which became notorious as the site of a riot between the community and the police in 1985. It is a powerful short film, and very fitting for the ‘In Actual Fact’ theme.


During the interval, the bar and exhibit will await your attention!

Marta Barguno Krieg is a painter and photographer living in Barcelona. She has created a series called ‘Abandoned’ – analogue photographs of abandoned buildings around Berlin and Charleroi.


Olivia Emmerson Pratt is a visual artists and theatre set designer. For ‘In Actual Fact’ she is presenting a series of beautiful watercolours of rocks and minerals.


Robert Oldham is young comedian and actor who has been on tour with the Cambridge Footlights. He is showing a 15 minute excerpt of a one man show he is currently working on. He describes it as “a consideration of history as lived experience, and how that can divide and unite us.” It is the first outing of this project, and I look forward to seeing it. @roboldham94


To end the evening, I am very happy to announce that Fran & Flora will be performing together at Open Arts Café for the first time. Fran (cellist) and Flora (violinist) have been playing and studying traditional music together for 6 years; 2 years ago they decided to bring together their explorations in their own band. Influenced by Eastern European, klezmer, gypsy, celtic and middle eastern music, they play a combination of traditional, improvised and their own composed music. I have heard them play, and they are magnificent.


As for me, I am working on a new song that will give voice to the dead (in a jolly way, of course) and will be bringing out an old historically accurate song as well. Be prepared for a fact heavy singalong.


See you there!






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