Open Arts Café, ‘Eureka!’ September 29th, 2016


Whether you are an adult or a child, September in the northern hemisphere brings a change in atmosphere. I don’t mean the weather or the shortening days (although that is probably part of it). I mean the feeling of busy-ness: the feeling of being ‘Back to School’.

I couldn’t think of a better way to represent that with a science theme. This month, ‘Eureka!’will see the OAC artists exploring science, discovery and moments of epiphany.

Here’s what to expect:

Alex Vellis is a poet living and performing in Canterbury. He is the poet-in-residence for the Wise Words Festival. For Open Arts Café, he has chosen to present the epiphanies he’s had.


Nico Antwerp is a Genoa-born / London-based electronic music producer and sound designer, who has been working on a project of creating live scores for old films. For Open Arts Café, he is presenting ‘A Trip To The Moon’ by G. Melies: “At a meeting of the Astronomy Club, Professor Barbefouillis, proposes an expedition to the Moon, after he discovered and planned to create a space capsule in the shape of a bullet.”


Sarah Rundle, storyteller extraordinaire, is also an OAC favourite. How could I refuse her talent when she said “The road to scientific progress is sometimes paved with bodies and bound with blood.  And even the best of intentions can go hideously wrong…”



At the interval, there will be games and surprises, but you must make sure to visit the art exhibit.



Neus Torres Tamarit is a visual artist who has been creating artwork based on genetics and metagenome sequencing.


Joss Cole is a painter. In his own words, “My paintings are a visual representation of the poetry of epiphany, moments of creative inspiration and a merging of the poetic and artist myth making.”



Florence Schechter is a science communicator and performer. She has her own YouTube channel where she presents…science! with humour. I can’t wait to hear what she will teach us.


Jay Foreman performed at Open Arts Café more than a year ago, and my cheeks are still hurting from laughing so much. His musical comedy songs are gems of cleverness, and I am looking forward to the new songs he’ll bring to us.


As for me, I’ve been looking for a story to sing. Eureka! I’ve found it. It’s a surprise though.


See you September 29th,










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