Happy Summer to you!
Some news:
From September, Open Arts Café will be running EVERY OTHER MONTH
(except May and June will be back-to-back), which means there will be 6 OACs this ‘school year’. It is a new model for us – so we are asking you to mark your calendars!
Open Arts Café is now open for submissions.
Save the dates
September 29th 2016
(science, discovery, epiphanies…)
November 24th 2016
In Actual Fact
(history, true tales, truth, politics, fact vs. fiction…)
January 26th 2017
Breaking Point
(breaking points for people, things, situations…anxieties, crisis…)
March 23rd 2017 (TBC)
Who Run The World
(celebrating women and feminism)
May 25th 2017
Mother Tongue
(languages, words, expression…)
June 22nd 2017
The Heart Wants What It Wants
(desire, longing, love…) 
Open Arts Café seeks diverse new work by young artists. We welcome submissions at various stages of development: from works-in-progress to polished pieces, relating somehow to the themes. If you have any questions about the themes, send over an email!
Please submit work as soon as possible to Maya at openartscafe@wls.org.uk

*Please forward this to anyone you know who would be interested in submitting their work.

Music, theatre, visual arts, film, storytelling, puppetry, poetry, prose…
And don’t forget to join our facebook page www.facebook.com/openartscafe and follow @openartscafe on Twitter.
See you soon!

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