Open Arts Café, June 30th, Summer Camp ‘16


There is nothing quite like going to summer camp. Since it’s a mostly North American invention, you may not know what it entails:  It’s mostly about having fun outside all day long for weeks, having a great time with friends and coming back home tanned, healthy and happy. You get to sleep in bunk beds! And there is usually arts and crafts at some point. Oh, and sometimes you get to do music and plays too.

I’ve never been to a sleep away camp. Woe is me.

But you will get all the benefits of summer camp at Open Arts Café’s Summer Camp ’16!


Here’s what’s on

To start off the night, Sarah Rundle, one of the absolute best storytellers I’ve ever seen, will be sharing a short and true story about the summer.

TIFOLESE, the clown trio made up of Firdaws Fourcroy, Alasdair Saksena and Paulina Lenoir, are back again with some new material…it’ll be weird, funny and summer-y.

To end the first half, we’ll be going for a little field trip into the next room, to watch the young dance company MCDC – Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company – perform a piece called PLASIX. It has a beach scene. I can’t wait!!

At the interval, in addition to some games, you’re invited to look at the exhibit by Mondi. Her work is often based on modern interpretations of angels and elves, those summertime devils. She paints canvases as well as murals and found objects like bottles. It’s really lovely stuff!

After the interval, One-Eyed Men, a trio sketch comedy group, are going to be performing some new material that is based on the theme! It promises to be super fun and silly.

Finally, Venezuelan Alien (Jerome Silsby with Ana Ospina), will  play some upbeat tunes with warm weather in mind.

As for me…I’ll be singing one of my tried and tested beach-themed songs, with a truly camp singalong to boot.

See you there!


Open Arts Café
Thursday, June 30th

Summer Camp ‘16
Doors open 7:15PM
Show starts 8PM

34 Upper Berkeley Street (gated entrance near Green Valley Shop)
Nearest tube Marble Arch
Pay what you can (£8 suggested donation)
Wine and bites available




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