Open Arts Café, May 26th ‘Betwixt and Between’


Open Arts Café is back after a few months’ hiatus, and I was bowled over by the amount of submissions I received from artists who had something to say about the theme.

I like the idea of liminal spaces – the in-between places, the threshold. If one believed in magic, that’s where you can find it – you know, at dusk etc.

I don’t know that any of the artists for May 26th will be dealing with magic, but I think they will all be excellent!

This month, as a one-off occurrence, the bar is hosting a special sponsored snack (say that 10 times real fast)! The Budapest Twinning Group will be sharing some yummy homemade Hungarian delicacies, as their London counterparts join us for the first time. More’s the merrier, and hurray for Hungarian food!

Here’s what to expect


To start off the evening, Ann-Maria McCarthy, comic actress and theatre maker, will be presenting a work-in-progress of her new show which deals with her father’s dementia – “the biggest no-man’s land a person can face.” You can follow her on twitter.   @AnnMariaMc


It’s not often that we show short films, but this month we have a ‘cinema corner’ with not one, but TWO short films.

The first, written and directed by James Street, is called Ouroboros – in his words “protagonist is a troubled soul imprisoned by her own paranoia and tapped in a loop of time that appears to endlessly recreate itself ‘its end is in its beginning’.”

The second, a short directed by Lucy Brydon, is called The Space in Between. This short experimental film explores what it’s like to occupy the space between the two genders.


To close off the first half, I’m pleased to introduce Henri Green, singer songwriter, who contacted me with some charming ditties that she has composed. I’m really looking forward to hearing her live!


At the interval, once you’ve had your fill of the Hungarian finger foods and other snacks, you will visit the exhibit by Sara Pintado and Isabel Farfan.

In her own words, photographer Sara Pintado says: “My project is called ‘La habitación de ella’. These photographs can be seen as a representation of the place between thought and emotion in a moment of intimacy.” You can take a look at her amazing photography projects at


In her own words, illustrator Isabel Farfan says: “The process from where I create the artwork is completely intuitive, starting from just a small idea (a face, a sentence or just a gesture) and adding different meanings, messages and images to it as I draw.” You can check out her beautiful drawings at


In the second half of the evening, we’ll hear from an OAC favourite – a little guy called Georges the Spider. It’s been a while since Michelle Wormleighton first introduced us to Georges, but as she is preparing for an Edinburgh show in 2017, and as Georges is perpetually hanging out in doorways, it seemed like a great theme for him to make a re-appearance.

Next up, I’m really pleased to be having John-Luke Roberts back at OAC…he was there at the very first Open Arts Café that ever happened! He’s been very busy at writing and performing comedy on stage and TV, as well as training under renowned clown teacher Philippe Gaulier. @jlukeroberts


As for me, I have been working on two brand new nautically themed songs about lighthouses. I won’t give away the awesome singalong song I’ve chosen…but it takes place under the sea and will be great fun.


See you Thursday!






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