Open Arts Café, February 25th, ‘Big Spoon Little Spoon’


Although Valentine’s Day is already behind us, the need for a cuddle, so important for social animals like humans, should be celebrated throughout the year (especially in late February). Therefore, this month we are commemorating love and comfort at Open Arts Café.


To start with, Eleanor Penny was recommended to me by a favourite OAC poet, Jacob Sam-La Rose. Eleanor is a Barbican Young Poet, an editor of Novara Media, and a freelance illustrator. I’m looking forward to her interpretations of the theme! You can follow her on twitter @eleanorkpenny


Dan Korn played at OAC two years ago, and is now heading off to Germany and then Los Angeles on a tour. Lucky for us, we’re his first stop along the way. He promises songs of love, weaving enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics.


To end the first half, I’m extremely pleased to be screening a short film by poet/performer Curmiah Lisette of her poem ‘GREAT’. In her words: “GREAT is a melanated love story that challenges patriarchal conforms and encourages both man and woman to know and own their greatness.”


At the interval, I am very pleased to have two fantastic artists/illustrators exhibiting their work. The first, Aindri, also kindly made the poster for this month.

Aindri Chakraborty is an Indian born comics illustrator and animator. She has a comic journalism blog, ‘There Was a Brown Crow’. Her work on Thursday will be a mixture of illustrations and objects.


NOMATTSLAND is a multimedia artist. His work is usually within the pop surrealism genre which he has expanded into the world of filmmaking, theatre and puppetry. On Thursday he is exhibiting pieces with his interpretation of comfort and happiness.


Ben Target, comedian and clown extraordinaire, has finally made it back to OAC. I don’t quite know what he will be performing, but this quote from a newspaper should whet our appetites:  “Ben Target conducts one of the loveliest comedy shows I’ve ever been part of; his rare, gentle mind seemingly peculiarly open to the comic possibilities of the universe” SCOTSMAN. @BenTarget


To end the evening, newcomer-to-OAC David Goo and a band mate will be performing some songs from their album. With titles like “Domestic Disputes in Song Format” and “Ego Bus”, I think we’re in for a treat.


As for me, I am working on a little spoon ditty, and have chosen a most appropriate and fun singalong song. After last months’ glorious and quite emotional rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I think this will be a little more…rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.


See you Thursday!




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