Boy oh boy, Open Arts Café sure comes around fast. I can’t believe it’s this week!

Thursday, March 21st ‘I Spy’

I did a bit of rooting around (literally, searching for the roots of words) and this is what I found:

The origins of the word ‘spy’ seem to come from several sources, hence the two definitions (verb meaning ‘to catch sight of’ and noun meaning…you know, ‘being a secret agent’).

The word comes from Middle English: shortening of Old French espie ‘espying’, which is probably of Old Germanic origin (spehōn meaning ‘to scout’), which was derived from an Indo-European root shared by Latin specere ‘behold, look’. So in other words, even in its origins it meant two things, and that’s good because on March 21st we will have a bit of Eye Spy and a bit of I, Spy.

Which means it’s going to be a great show. Here it is:

Telling us a brand new tale of espionage  and thrilling chases, Jennifer Pearcy Edwards is back at Open Arts Café after a long baby-making hiatus.

Eimear Tunney, an OAC newbie, will be performing a piece that is a mixture of musical and character comedy. Her take on ‘I spy’ involves opticians and third eyes. I think it’s going to be incredible.

Michelle Wormleighton likewise will regale us with her wit. Her debut one-woman character comedy show Bewildered played at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 and she’s currently developing a show based on the ‘invertebrate sphere’ which Thursday’s character (Georges the Spider) inhabits – I cannot wait to see this!!!

On a slightly more searching approach, Allie Litherland has created a little documentary. Still a student, she has been interrogating people on a subject unknown to us, we can only make assumptions based on our preconceived ideas and first impressions. It should be an interesting watch.

The Yuya is finally making their return to OAC! They couldn’t be with us in January, but I’m so very pleased they will be performing this week. They are just great.

Our visual arts exhibitor is a young man called Iasonas Kampanis. His work promises to give us perhaps a slightly darker vision (see what I did there?) behind spying and I’m very pleased to have him. 

As for me…besides an experiment called The Clockmaker that I will be performing, I have a plan up my sleeve for a massive game of Wink Murder. I’m still sorting out the specifics, but I’d watch out if I were you.

See you Thursday!


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